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Do you need an ATM for your cannabis dispensary?

At ATM Financial, we've got you covered. We recognize the ever-evolving landscape of marijuana banking laws, and we understand the crucial importance of having an ATM in your cannabis dispensary. That's why we offer the most dependable options to ensure cash availability for your customers. As a nationwide provider of ATMs, ATM Financial specializes in servicing marijuana dispensaries throughout Los Angeles area and the country. We work closely with your cannabis dispensary to customize the ideal ATM solution for your business. Whether you prefer a placement option or owning the ATM outright, we have you covered. Trust ATM Financial to meet your cannabis dispensary's ATM needs. 

Elevate your cannabis dispensary with our Full Service option. 

Exclusive Purchase Option for Cannabis Dispensaries. 

Cannabis Dispensary ATM FAQ:

Which ATM options are available for my Cannabis Dispensary?
We have two ATM programs tailored for cannabis dispensaries. Our first program is a comprehensive full-service solution. We provide state-of-the-art ATMs, handle all aspects of installation and maintenance, supply cash for the ATMs, offer 24/7 monitoring, and share the profits with you. This program is available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware.

Alternatively, we offer a popular purchasing option where the cannabis dispensary buys the ATM machine. With this option, we provide installation and programming services. You have the freedom to set your own surcharge, retain all the profits from the ATM, and gain full monitoring access.

Both programs ensure that your cannabis dispensary has an ATM conveniently located on-site, allowing customers to withdraw cash for their purchases. ATM Financial is here to assist your marijuana dispensary in selecting the best ATM solution for your needs.

What is the importance of having an ATM machine in my Cannabis Dispensary?
As cannabis remains federally illegal despite its legalization in certain states, federal regulations restrict credit card processing in marijuana dispensaries. Due to these regulations, credit card transactions are not permitted at dispensaries due to federal oversight. While there have been some "cashless ATM" options, they have faced significant scrutiny and have often been abruptly shut down. Visa, for instance, has recently issued warnings that they will terminate all cashless ATM transactions. Since banks are also subject to federal regulations, reliable workarounds for credit card processing or deposits are virtually non-existent. As a result, cash remains the only dependable and legally accepted method of payment for cannabis dispensaries. Therefore, having an ATM on-site is essential in ensuring convenience for customers, as it provides them with a reliable means of accessing cash. 

What legal considerations should I be mindful of when installing an ATM in my dispensary?
No, there are no legal concerns associated with having an ATM in your dispensary. ATM processing operates differently from credit card processing. In credit card transactions, the interaction occurs directly between the customer and the dispensary. However, in ATM transactions, the customer engages with their own bank or credit card company, simply withdrawing money from their own account. The cannabis dispensary has no involvement in the ATM transaction itself. Once customers obtain cash from the ATM, they can utilize it as they wish. The only requirement for having an ATM is that your cannabis dispensary complies with state laws regarding legality. Incorporating an ATM in your marijuana dispensary provides a reliable and convenient cash-only option, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Which type of ATM would be suitable for placement in my Cannabis Dispensary?
We offer a wide range of ATMs from all major manufacturers, and we can assist you in selecting the ideal ATM type and capacity that would best suit your cannabis dispensary. ATM Financial is here to help you find the optimal ATM solution for your marijuana dispensary. 

Is ATM Financial available and operational in my state?
As a nationwide ATM provider, we serve all 50 states. Our full-service ATM option for cannabis dispensaries is available in several states in the Northeast, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, and Delaware. Additionally, our ATM purchase option is available in all 50 states. To determine the best option for your cannabis dispensary, please contact us today at 337-356-3384.